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The acclaimed energy documentary Switch and its web, video and learning materials have reached more than 15 million viewers, and are now used by thousands of universities and schools around the world. From this foundation, we’re launching the Switch Energy Alliance: a new film, expanded video library, new learning programs, and more online resources. Read More

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Learn is launching soon.

Students, educators, general viewers and energy professionals will be able to login and tailor our structured video-based learning programs to their experience levels. Users will be able to track their progress as they journey through the world of energy.

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Engage is launching soon.

Users will be able to share ideas about energy through a well-maintained article library and interact on active social media platforms. We’ll encourage the conversation with videos tailored to social media audiences and distributed using powerful social marketing techniques.


Film and Video Library

A completely reimagined video library allows users to explore and share video content about most energy-related topics. It includes the complete feature film Switch, the Switch Energy Lab video series, Energy Primers and much more, all free for viewing. The library will soon include content from our new feature film, Switch On, which looks at the 3 billion people in the developing world living with little or no energy, and without the benefits it provides.


Video-Based Education

Coming soon: We’ll organize the video library to provide a structured journey through the world of energy, which academic, industrial and government stakeholders can tailor to their learning and experience levels, eventually including a video-based university course.


Connecting With Our Users

Coming soon: We’ll employ a sophisticated outreach, social media and data science program to connect to our worldwide users like never before, and allow them to engage in an objective and balanced energy conversation.

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We are committed to inspire the public to learn about energy, engage in informed conversations, and make smart decisions about our global energy future.

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