Foundation of Modern Life Primer

Energy underpins absolutely everything in our modern world

Oil Price and Consumer Behavior

When oil prices rise, consumer demand falls

Scale Primer

The importance of scale when thinking about global energy


On transitioning from dams to river turbines

Carbon Capture and Storage

How the logistics of carbon capture technology are influenced by...

Biofuels Basics

Can this organic fuel source overcome cost, water, and land...

Dominance of Oil

Explaining the inelasticity of the transportation sector

New Natural Gas Reserves

The revelation of a plethora of American natural gas reserves...

Biofuels Primer

The long view on biofuels

Types of Solar

Photovoltaic captures the sun's light, while concentrated solar power harnesses...

Uses of Natural Gas

It's our most versatile energy source - explore the many...

Pros and Cons of Coal

New coal plants minimize the number of pollutants released into...

Drilling for Oil

On the world's deepest offshore platform, operators drill more than...

Concentrated Solar Power in the Sahara

On the logistics behind harnessing the Sahara's sunlight and transmitting...

Necessity and Cost of Carbon Capture

The cost of electricity production using coal doubles when sequestering...

Reducing Emissions

An expansion of solar energy could improve environmental sustainability


On the monetary and humanitarian challenges of biorefineries

Concentrating Solar Towers

A renewable resource that can be tailored in response to...

Cost of Concentrated Solar Power

The high initial investment required for solar power contrasted with...

Middle East Oil Reserves

How much longer will the diminishing oil supply last?

Oil Supply and Demand

Increasing demand and diminishing supply of oil directs us toward...

History of Geothermal in Iceland

Explaining how geothermal energy expanded over half a century

Geothermal Primer

The synopsis on geothermal energy

Hydro Primer

The primer on hydroelectric energy

Storing Electricity

Affordable, scalable, reliable electricity storage would transform the world; it...

An Opposing View on Biofuels

Do the negative consequences of biofuels outweigh the positives?

Oil Primer

The inside scoop on oil

Environmental Impacts of Wind Turbines

Visual impact on landscape, noise pollution, mortality to wildlife, mining,...

How Oil is Made

Discover how tiny, prehistoric organisms power global transportation

How Electricity is Made

How do we generate electricity from resources like coal, wind,...

Risks of Hydraulic Fracturing: Methane

What do potential methane leaks mean for this otherwise cleaner...

Oil and Transportation Alternatives

95% of transportation runs on oil-based fuels, but let's take...

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Discover how carbon dioxide is used to extract trapped oil

Electricity Generation Mix

Coal, natural gas, and nuclear power generate the bulk of...

What is Natural Gas

What exactly is natural gas, where does it occur, and...

Cellulose to Biofuels

Gasification: an alternate way to create fuel from cellulose

How We Make and Use Energy

An overview of our entire energy system

How Solar Works

It has powered our planet for 4 billion years, but...

Regions and Biofuels

Discussing climate restrictions that dictate what types of crops can...

Explaining Cellulosic and Other Biofuels

Illustrating the process by which sugar is extracted from plants

Unconventional Sources of Oil

As demand increases, we're looking to ever more complex ways...

Intermittency and Electricity Storage

Analyzing the discrepancy between when wind blows versus when we...

Wind Primer

Your 2-minute take on wind


The complications of a complex, high voltage solar distribution network...

Nuclear in France

A severe oil crisis forced France to rapidly develop an...

Global Coal Supply

Coal: where it's from versus where it's burned

Geothermal Options

We unearth some innovative systems that harness the planet's natural...

Carbon Capture Sequestration

On capturing, transporting, and storing carbon dioxide

How Hydro Works

See how hydro taps into earth's gravitational pull

History of Norwegian Energy

World war caused Norway to seek energy independence and thus...

Sugarcane Ethanol in Brazil

What elements contributed to the success of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol...

Benefits of Coal

The allure of coal: widespread location, readily extractable, and knowledge...

What is Coal

Nearly every country developed on this affordable resource, but not...

Natural Gas Primer

The key issues on natural gas and hydraulic fracturing

Conventional vs. Plug-In Hybrids

The increase in fuel efficiency associated with plug-in hybrids

Making Wind Work

It's simple and fast-growing, but implementing wind energy means overcoming...

Solar Primer

The main points on solar

Coal Primer

The big picture on coal

Coal in the Energy Mix

How is coal consumption changing globally?

Campus Solar and Efficiency Project

Touring a university's recent efforts to assimilate efficiency into the...

Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing

Increasing domestic energy and reducing CO2are key benefits of expanded...

Biomass Pros and Cons

What will the future hold for mankind's oldest energy source?

Biofuels and Corn Ethanol

The narrow gap between energy consumed versus provided by corn...

Coal Power: Inside the Parish Generating Station

What does it take to power Houston?

Women in Kuwait's Oil Industry

Women should have the same liberties and privileges as men

The Price to Capture Carbon

Explaining how carbon sequestration will increase coal prices

Clean Coal?

Can we clean up the world's leading electricity source?

Scaling Up Cellulosic Biofuels

The transition from the laboratory to the real world

Price of Gasoline

The direct relationship between crude oil and gasoline

Carbon Capture, Transport, and Sequestration

Why is carbon capture such a challenge?

Coal's Future

How the world is outgrowing coal

Energy Policy in Europe and the U.S.

Gas taxation: European governmental energy policy and American disapproval

Carbon Capture

On the upsides of commercializing sequestration technology

Hydropower in Norway

Hydropower: the clean energy source that drives Norway's prosperity

Challenges with Hydropower

Ensuring that hydropower does not encroach on the salmon industry

Managing Carbon

On capturing carbon and pumping it underground

Rural Land Use

On the potential to reinvigorate rural areas

Transportation Policy

On creating performance standards or pricing instruments that are technology...

The Transition to Cleaner Energy

How Iceland transitioned from dependence on fossil fuels to geothermal...

Coal's Potential Use Reduction

While the U.S. may decrease its coal consumption, this does...

Making the Energy Transition

The time to start the energy transition is now

Why Renewables are Not Green

An alternate perspective on common renewable energy sources

Displacing Oil with Biofuels

On supplementing oil with renewable resources for transportation fuel

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Vehicles

The cost of splitting hydrogen and lack of storage options...

The Global Oil Market

Fact or fiction: the world is going to run out...

Growth of Distributed Solar

The advance of solar and subsequent job creation

Hydraulic Fracturing and Unconventional Natural Gas

Hydraulic fracturing has greatly expanded the supply of natural gas

Challenges with Cellulosic Biofuels

The obstacle of liberating sugar in an efficient manner

Conserving Oil for Other Uses

The increasing gap between oil demand and supply

Royalties for Landowners

On how much farmers earn by leasing land to wind...

The Challenges of Solar

The expansion of solar energy is hindered by the intermittency...

Challenges with Geothermal

On how to harness deep hot springs, the lifespan of...

Oil Supply and Price

Why do OPEC nations not like when the price of...

Replacing Coal with Natural Gas

Why is natural gas arguably a better energy source than...

Why Energy Independence is Impossible

On how the US desire for energy independence impacts other...

Long View on Hydrogen

The future vehicle will rely on a big fuel cell...

Utility Scale Solar

Concentrated solar power and photovoltaic solar cells are utility scale...

Natural Gas in Texas

The cleanliness and abundance of natural gas

Norway's Hydropower Capacity

How much energy do the Norwegian hydropower plants generate?

Challenges with Natural Gas Vehicles

The lower emissions of natural gas vehicles are offset by...

Pros and Cons of Solar

On intermittency and why concentrated solar power is typically available...


Discussing biofuels that require minimal watering and are easily adaptable...

The Complex World of Energy

The intricacies of the energy field require complex policy

Profits in the Oil Industry

The oil industry must undertake a multitude of expenditures throughout...

Oil Uses and Reserves

The location and number of remaining oil reserves

Wind Power

The challenges of sufficient grid connection and the scale of...

Hydraulic Fracturing

A subjective evaluation of hydraulic fracturing is necessary to implement...

The Pros and Cons of Wind

Positive: no incremental cost; Negative: intermittency

Future Energy Prices

In what direction is the price of energy going?

Unconventional Natural Gas Production

The rising supply and importance of natural gas

Wind and Solar

Expansion of wind and solar energy will be feasible with...

Benefits of Hydropower

Hydropower creates job expansion, clean energy, fisheries, and flood and...

Hydroelectric Power

The depletion of hydropower sources and rise of pumped storage

Cellulosic Biofuels

Why are cellulosic materials a better option for biofuels than...

Meeting Our Variable Electricity Demand

A lack of energy storage options causes complications for meeting...

The Future of Solar

Suggesting a massive growth in solar and other renewables

Home Solar Panel System

The price break down of solar panels: from installation to...

Integrating Clean Energy Systems

The importance of diversifying our clean energy portfolio

Oil Supply

Countries with oil fields have undue control

US Natural Gas Supply

The transition from natural gas scarcity to abundance was fueled...

Cost of Hydropower

High investment, cheap electricity

Government Support for Solar

On managing the risk of solar by guaranteeing paybacks

Global Energy Mix

On the increase in renewable energy sources and continued use...


Find out why geothermal energy is not necessarily a renewable...

The Right Energy in the Right Place

Different regions are best suited for particular types of energy

Solar in a Competitive Market

Comparing photovoltaic solar and concentrated solar power

Future Energy Mix

Incorporation of renewable energy resources into the energy mix at...

Setting the Price of Oil

The forces of supply and demand interact to determine the...

Natural Gas

Domestic and cheap, but not clean enough

Building New Nuclear Plants

The quality of nuclear plants has been transformed drastically by...

The Basics and Potential of Wind

On the primary hurdles preventing wind energy's expansion

Revitalizing a Community

On a rising population and regular paycheck for landlords

Electric Grids

Interconnection of the three electric grids could help maximize renewable...

Solar Power

High but falling cost, rising efficiency, and abundance

Challenges with Corn Ethanol

Land and water use, a large carbon footprint, and competition...

Hydrogen Vehicles

An hydrogen motor is quiet, efficient, and has zero emissions

The Future of Biofuels

The tradeoffs between biofuels being an inefficient but dense energy...

Impacts of Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Power

Examining the trade offs between the three baseload fuels for...

Solar Adoption

Solar is becoming more affordable and widespread as technology advances

Cost and Future of Solar

Solar energy is heavily limited by price and low efficiency

Siting and Transmission for Wind Power

Progression of the wind industry is inhibited by siting and...

The Energy Future

The rise of renewables and efficiency in the developed world

Solar Panel Efficiency

While efficiency is increasing, there are limits to the solar...

Industrial Renaissance

American natural gas is cheap and low emission

Economic and Environmental Effects of Energy Security

Why the reduction of oil dependence does not ensure lower...

Hydraulic Fracturing

How safe is hydraulic fracturing?

Competitors to Solar

Explaining how utilities react to the threat of solar energy...

Deep Oil: Aboard the Perdido Platform

What does the future of oil look like?

Electric Cars and The Grid

A vision of how electric cars can be incorporated into...

Nuclear in the U.S.

On why nuclear energy began in the 1970s and then...

Solar Inverters

On creating your own power by harnessing solar energy

Steaming Up: Geothermal Heating in Iceland

How do citizens stay warm in this cold little country,...

Nuclear Energy in France

Nuclear energy: an undisputed and standardized French resource

Energy Security and Trade

On Norway's immense energy exports

Electricity Storage

Electricity generation and transportation would be revolutionized with improved energy...

Natural Gas Policy

How the natural gas industry could benefit from government backing

Government Backed Hydro

On the key funding mechanisms for Hydro in Norway

Building Transmission for Wind Electricity

Creating sufficient transmission is a significant challenge of wind energy

Benefits of Geothermal

Geothermal is cheap, low maintenance, and provides a data storage...

Making Solar Mainstream

On strong alliances with large companies

Size and Spacing of Turbines

The clean, undisturbed air needed for electricity generation requires ample...

Public Opinion

The significance of public energy education

How to Build a Wind Farm

On organizing the land owners, putting together a project plan,...

Transmission in Texas

On long haul transmission from West Texas wind farms

Liquefied Natural Gas

Why will gas trade in a much tighter range in...

The Potential of New Biofuels

Describing why cellulosic and ethanol biofuels are more effective than...

Norway's Future Energy Plan

Electric cars and efficiency: two aspects of Norway's energy future

Development of Solar

A solar energy expansion would require additional transmission

The Nordic Power Pool

On Norway trading hydropower with the rest of Europe

Rising Global Supply of Natural Gas

Cost reduction and technological development will cause an expansion of...

The Innovation of Biofuels

On the diversification of biofuel crops and expansion of technologies

Versatility of Natural Gas

A feedstock for chemicals, transportation fuel, heat source, and electricity...

Global Energy Demand

An energy portfolio is necessary to satisfy rising demand

Transitioning Transportation

Developing transportation technologies

Hydraulic Fracturing and Unconventional Natural Gas

The EDF provides insight to the natural gas industry on...

Future Green: New Biofuel Crops

Cornell University in upstate New York focuses on cold weather...

The Role of Natural Gas

Discover natural gas's role in heating, electricity, industry, and transportation

Carbon Controls and Energy Practices

Efficiency's role in decreasing industrial carbon release

Demand and the Environment

A portfolio of energy resources is needed to meet rising...

American Nuclear Renaissance

On the externalities of an increase in American nuclear power...

Wind and Transmission

Describing how new transmission is essential for wind projects

The Transition to Electric Cars

Electricity made from coal is the main power source for...

Natural Gas Vehicles

Lower CO2 emissions, convenient refueling, and cheaper batteries are offered...

Foreign Investment in Middle East Oil

Foreign involvement in Middle East, state-controlled oil is expected to...

Exploring New Nuclear and Other Technologies

On the creation of supplementary nuclear facilities

The Future of Oil Supply and Demand

Visit the world's deepest offshore platform and an urban California...

Incorporating Renewables Into the System

Developing renewable energy that's dependable and low cost

Clean Energy in the U.S.

Suggesting clean energy would have huge economic benefits in the...

Wind and New Transmission Lines

On shortages in ample transmission for electricity produced by wind

Energy Solutions

A mixed portfolio, efficiency, and environmental impacts: the three characteristics...

The Transition to More Natural Gas

On moving from coal and oil towards natural gas

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